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  • Social assistance and benefit returns
  • Provincial tax credits.
  • Single parent tax returns.
  • Married couple tax returns.
  • Family tax returns.
  • Student returns.
  • Seniors returns including pension-splitting.
  • Salaried and commission employee’s returns.
  • Truck driver returns including the claim of meals and lodging expenses.
  • Rental income returns.
  • Returns with disability credits.
  • Claim of caregiver amounts for senior parents, grand parents, and dependants.
  • Business returns.
  • New immigrants’ returns.
  • Capital Gains/Losses returns.
  • Returns with stock option benefits and deductions.
  • Returns to claim the deduction for clergy residence.
  • Claim for the losses of other years.
  • Terminal return for a deceased person.
  • Claim of child tax benefits.
  • Claim of support payments to former spouse.
  • Claim of lifetime capital gains deduction and capital gains reserve.


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Privacy Policy

We are committed to safeguard the privacy of your information while providing outstanding customer service to the clients. We collect your name, address, social insurance number, date of birth, Marital status, dependants’ information, status in Canada, Income slips, IDs, information about deductions and tax credits, contact information, and other tax and financial data required to complete your tax forms.

This information is stored on secure computer. We do not disclose your information, without your permission, to any third party, except CRA.


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What is HST/GST?

Generally speaking this the net of Tax collected minus Tax paid on supplies Payable/ Receivable to CRA provided one is registered have a 9 digit # RT0001


Generally speaking once a threshold of $30000/year of Sales/ Revenue is reached one is obligated to Register. Circumstances may result in registering even if one has not reached the $30000 threshold.

HST/GST Questions

Question on registering, de-registering, quick method or detailed method or general clarification call or email.

30th April Deadline for Individuals Tax Filing & Payment

June 15th Deadline for Self Employed, Small Business and Commissioned Individuals, However Tax Payment deadline is April 30th.


Of course, we can! Even if you did not file your taxes with us you can come into our location with a copy of your tax return and any correspondence from the CRA, we can provide any information or assistance you might need and even submit a response on your behalf.

You can go back up to 10 years to file or adjust any taxes. Bring your paperwork to us and we can get you up to date on all your tax filing responsibilities.

We offer free double check for anyone who has not filed their taxes with us, feel free to bring in a copy of your tax return and we will see if there are more credits or deductions you can claim. If you find any errors in a previous return, we can also help you with filing an adjustment to make sure you are not penalized further and able to get the maximum refund you are entitled to.

We are available by appointment on the weekends, weekdays 10:00AM to 6:30PM: The deadline for personal income taxes is usually April 30th and self-employed individuals have until June 15th to file.

The deadline for personal income taxes is usually April 30th and self-employed individuals have until June 15th to file.

Our fees are reasonable and are calculated based upon the complexity of the return. Please call 647-340-2627 for an estimate.

There are a variety of credits and deductions you can claim depending on your individual situation. In order to determine your personal eligibility, it is best to visit our office and sit down with an expert for more information.

  • Small Business Tax Returns
  • HST filing.
  • Corporate Tax and Accounting
  • Estate and Final Taxes
  • Bookkeeping